Unity + FMOD + Third Party Plugins Deployment


We are using Unity on Windows, FMOD Studio on Windows, and deploying on Linux. We are also using third party FMOD plugin, but it seems that the final deployed application cannot find the plugin.

Below is our current understanding.

  • libThirdParty_fmod.so for 64-bit Linux should be inside x86_64/ in Unity plugins folder.
  • libThirdParty_fmod.so for 32-bit Linux should be inside x86/ in Unity plugins folder.
  • Add ThirdParty_fmod to the list of plugins in FMOD Unity integration.
  • That’s it. On deployment, we have confirmed that libThirdParty_fmod.so files exist in the correct folder of the final deployed application.

Below is what happens.

  • Running the deployed application on Linux fails, saying it can’t find the plugin.
  • Player.log suggests that the application is looking for the third party FMOD plugin in Plugins/ folder instead of Plugins/x86_64 folder for 64-bit Linux deployment.
  • Additional it is expecting the plugin name to be libThirdParty_fmod64.so instead of libThirdParty_fmod.so

Copying the third party plugin to Plugins/ folder and adjusting the name to fmod64 resolves the above issues and everything works.

Are there instructions on deploying for Linux when using a third party plugin with Unity FMOD integration?

Thanks, Anish

The plugin folder issue is fixed by this:

The 64bit suffix on the file is a misleading error message - we search for the file with and without “64” on the end.

Excellent. Thanks for fixing this quickly.