Virtualize stealing policy and custom distance attenuation


I’m trying to use virtualize stealing policy for my looped events and have an issue with the custom distance attenuation curve. If I’m using one of the embed distance curves on spatializer - all works as expected, but when I’m turn it off and use curve on track’s volume automation oldest events become virtual whatever on their audibility.

For example, I set up Machine Gun event from examples as follow:

And test it in the sandbox:

The reason to use custom curves is that in real events I have a more complex structure with separate attenuated layers (for example, near and far layers for guns) and having two curves in a row (one for layer and one on spatializer) seems too confusing.

Is it possible to use virtualize stealing policy with custom curves and with turn off spatializer distance attenuation? Maybe I’m missing something?

For the purposes of determining audibility, virtualize mode only takes into account volume automation on the master track, not on other tracks as in your screenshot.

In the case of the event in your screenshot, both audio tracks use the same automation curve, so there should be no change in behavior if you replace them both with a single automation curve on the event’s master track volume.