Where Can I Access FMOD Designer?

Hello, is it still possible to access the downloads to FMOD Designer? At some point I had the software, unfortunately some stuff had to be done to the host machine that had it and ultimately ended up lost to a format. I can’t seem to find where the software is located on the site anymore, I did however do some forum digging and noticed something about having access to the section of sorts or something of the like? I find it a little weird how closed off it is these days if it does happen to exist still, but decisions are decisions I presume.

Hi, FMOD Ex access is provided upon request, I have enabled it for you.

I have an old project using Fmod Designer4.28.05. But I can’t find the installation file, where can I download it??

Can Anyone help me please. I’m Looking for FMod Designer. I have an old project i was working on but my computer crashed and i lost the program. Any help would be appreciated.

hi, according to my record you already have access at www.fmod.com/download