2d sounds panning

Is it possible to make 2d sounds with panning?
For example:
first explosion: only on left speaker
second: only on right speaker

How can this be achieved in FMOD ?

Hi Karl,

Yes, it’s possible to pan with 2D sounds, however it depends on how you are integrating your game project with FMOD.

If you are using an FMOD Studio project, ensure the master track of your event is set to at least Stereo (right click on the “Out” metering level and choose Stereo). You should now see the Pan property appear next to it. You can now automate the panning to match explosions. If the left and right explosions are separate events, you can just hard pan them with no automation.

If you are using the FMOD API, you will need to use ChannelControl::setPan on the channel group that the FMOD sound resides on.


I hope this has helped.



I need to set the panning on individual EventInstances.
E.g. first explosion is on the left, 2nd [70% left, 30% right], 3rd on the right.
Depending on where the explosion occurs on the playfield.
They can be playing simultaneously.
Is that possible?
ChannelControl::setPan would set the panning of ALL explosions, right?

Hello Karl,

Yes, if these are individual events then you can set the panning as specified above and have them playing at the same time. You can also look into using event sound modules (referenced events) in a single event by dragging these two events into an open event’s track. See the “Music/Basic/Random Layered” and “Weapons/Single Shot” events in our example project for examples of these.

ChannelControl::setPan will set the panning on every sound played through that channel. This is only for the low-end API - if you are using an FMOD Studio project it would be better to use the above method.


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