3D sound is not correct.

Hi Guys,

In the old FMOD, we are able to put NULL to ignore orientation when set 3DAttributes :

FMOD_RESULT res = m_Event->set3DAttributes(
reinterpret_cast< const FMOD_VECTOR * >( &a_Position ),
reinterpret_cast< const FMOD_VECTOR * >( &a_Velocity ),

After we upgraded FMOD to 1.9.06, we noticed we must give a forward and a up vector to FMOD_3D_ATTRIBUTES struct, as we used FMOD_INIT_3D_RIGHTHANDED to init FMOD system, so we init FMOD_3D_ATTRIBUTES like this below:

FMOD_3D_ATTRIBUTES attribute = { { 0 } };
attribute.position.x = a_Position.x;
attribute.position.y = a_Position.y;
attribute.position.z = a_Position.z;
attribute.velocity.x = a_Velocity.x;
attribute.velocity.y = a_Velocity.y;
attribute.velocity.z = a_Velocity.z;
attribute.forward.z = -1.0f;
attribute.up.y = 1.0f;

In our game, the sounds should be play from front speaker are played from back speaker, and the sounds should be play from back speaker are played from front speaker. I guess this bug may caused by the 3D attribute, we also tried to init forward and up with the forward and up of the main camera. Do you have any ideas about this?


There does appear to be a bug with the right handed flag currently.
We will aim to have this fixed for the next release.

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