About the non-commercial Fmod

Hello! i’m new to the forums, but i have a question regarding the non commercial license with Fmod. now I’ve read the sales page but i’m stuck on the part where it says “This license cannot be used for titles which do not make profit but are still commercially released” now does this mean i cant release my game for free to the public or does this mean i cant show off my game like in a video? i’m currently using UDK so i’m making my game free for the users. So can i use fmod if my game is 100 % free? sorry if this question was asked thousands of times, i just want to know before using a product that i’m confused about.

I think that clause was to do with some people claiming their product was not intended to make a profit, but still sell it. I’ll reword it.

You’re free to use it in videos, and demos. Its just for an executable that you sell or directly make money from (which includes ads or freemium, they’re considered commercial)