AddSyncPoint() alternative for HTML5

Hi all,

This my first post and i am pretty new to FMOD. I have begun a web based music making tool/sequencer. I am going to need a way to trigger certain thing with sample accurate timing. I noticed in the docs that the javascript version of FMOD does not have ‘AddSyncPoint()’. I assume this is the normal way to schedule something at the sample level. For example, i want to trigger a parameter change on an effect at a precise moment in the audio. Is there another way i can do this?


AddSyncPoint isn’t currently supported in javascript, although it looks like we should be able to add this in an upcoming release.

Unfortunately the other way is to just use getPosition without callbacks.

Thanks for the reply. Any idea on an eta for this? It would open up a lot of stuff for web based apps. Thanks.

This should be available in the next release (2.00.13 & 2.01.05) which is just going through QA at the moment and should be available soon.


I dont know if this was on the todo list or not but it has just been implemented! Big thanks to the devs for such a quick fix.