API plugins examples not showing up in FMOD studio

I’ve just downloaded the FMOD API, built the plugin examples. Copied fmod_noiseL.dll and fmod_noiseL64.dll into the fmod plugins folder. Opened FMOD. Created a new audio track. Right-clicked on the track, Add Plugin-Sound, but the only plugins showing are the included ones. The screenshot below illustrates the problem. Note that the gain plugins do not show in the Add-effects menu either. I’m using the very latest FMOD Studio and Low-level API. Both were downloaded earlier today. Any ideas? Surely I’m doing something wrong!

enter image description here


Typically you only need one of the dll depending if you have installed the 32 bit or 64 bit version of Studio. I tested the setup on our end and it works fine. Are you using Visual Studio? You can get more information if you open the console via Window->Console. If you can provide a screen capture of the log that would help.

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It seems having both versions of the dll in my plugins folder was causing the problem. They show up when I remove the 32bit ones. Thanks for the help.

The solution, thanks to Thuan Seah Tan, is to place only the plugin dlls that match the fmod studio architecture. I’m using fmod 64bit, so once I removed the 32bit dlls everything works fine.

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