Cannot get Noise example Plugin from Low Level Programmer's API to work


I am using FMOD Studio 1.07.07 64 bit.
I installed FMOD Studio Programmer’s API and Low Level Programmer API version 1.07.07 and went to :

C:\Program Files (x86)\FMOD SoundSystem\FMOD Studio API Windows\api\lowlevel\examples\bin

and copied all .dll files such as fmod_noise.dll and fmod_noise64.dll from there to my Plugin directory.
[ I have confirmed that it is Fmod studio plugin directory ]

Then, I load the example project and try to apply the Noise filter but I am unable to find it in

Add Effects -> FMOD -> (Noise or any other copied .dll from example is not visible )
( However default Distance Filter and Gain Plugins are visible )

What am I doing wrong ?
How do I get a custom plugin or even the sample effect plugins for FMOD studio to work and show up inside the FMOD GUI ?


Noise is not an effect, it’s a generator. Right click on a audio track, choose Add Plugin Sound and you should see the noise plugin there.

Also please don’t post this question four times and add comments to year old cases.

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And apologies for the inconvenience.