Cannot get Noise example Plugin from Low Level Programmer's API to work



I am using FMOD Studio 1.07.07 64 bit.
I installed FMOD Studio Programmer’s API and Low Level Programmer API version 1.07.07 and went to :

C:\Program Files (x86)\FMOD SoundSystem\FMOD Studio API Windows\api\lowlevel\examples\bin

and copied all .dll files such as fmod_noise.dll and fmod_noise64.dll from there to my Plugin directory.
[ I have confirmed that it is Fmod studio plugin directory ]

Then, I load the example project and try to apply the Noise filter but I am unable to find it in

Add Effects -> FMOD -> (Noise or any other copied .dll from example is not visible )
( However default Distance Filter and Gain Plugins are visible )

What am I doing wrong ?
How do I get a custom plugin or even the sample effect plugins for FMOD studio to work and show up inside the FMOD GUI ?



Noise is not an effect, it’s a generator. Right click on a audio track, choose Add Plugin Sound and you should see the noise plugin there.

Also please don’t post this question four times and add comments to year old cases.


And apologies for the inconvenience.