Presonus Audiobox iTow

i can find my device drive in the ASIO menu, but everytime i closed the Preferences window …nothing happend,and when i open the window again,the Output Device menu still showing “No Sound”…


Do you have more than 1 instances of Studio opened or any other audio software that uses ASIO as device driver opened?

no,i dont think so , i have another audio device(Fireface UC),the situation is the same,everytime i set the ASIO as the Output Device,then closed the window,i just cant hear anything,when i open the Prefereces window again the Output Device Option just sign"No Sound"

In that case, can you send us a copy of the log for the session via “Help->contact…”?

After examining the log, it appears the driver is set to have a buffer size of 128 samples. For ASIO usage, Studio requires a minimum of 1024 samples. Depending on your ASIO driver, there should be a setting you can alter to increase the sample buffer size. Alternatively, we recommend using the ASIO4ALL driver which is what we use for testing here at Firelight.