Fmod failed to initailze the selected device

Having some issues with audio drivers in Fmod that just started popping up for the first time - if I switch from my DAW screen to Fmod, I cant play events or hear any sound?

When I go into Fmod’s preferences, it says ‘fmod failed to initialize the selected device. No sound will be produced. Please select another configuration.’

But when I just change it then set it back to ‘Apogee USB ASIO Driver’ my sound card, it works again, but its a real pain to switch that anytime Im jumping between programs.

Is it a problem with mismatched sample rates? I’m using 96 kHz on my interface/DAW, and I didn’t notice this issue till as of today.

The problem seems to happen even if I choose ‘WASAPI’ or ‘ASIO’ drivers, I’m not sure how to resolve this.

Hi Jesse,

This is happening because ASIO drivers will “lock” into one program at a time, usually whichever one initialized it last. Switching between programs will cause the ASIO drivers to uninitialize for one program and initialize for another. This does not always work and is an ASIO issue, not really an FMOD Studio one.

Unless you really need to use ASIO for FMOD, you can use Direct Sound or use ASIO4ALL or an ASIO multi-client and set it to be able to switch between both your DAW and FMOD.


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Thanks a lot Richard! Going with DirectSound seems to have solved the issues across the board as far as I can see, that was a lifesaver! Thanks again sir.