Ask for instructions of building a simplest example on Ubuntu 16.04

I have installed FMOD Studio API 1.10.12 on ubuntu 16.04. Now I would like to build the examples …/fmodstudioapi11012linux/api/lowlevel/examples/play_sound.cpp to get my hand wet. But I have so poor memory that I always don’t know how to use make and g++ on Linux. I tried command “make make\play_sound.makefile” under …/fmodstudioapi11012linux/api/lowlevel/examples folder but I was told “make: *** No rule to make target ‘makeplay_sound.makefile’. Stop.” I then cd into make folder and type “make play_sound.makefile” and I was complained “make: Nothing to be done for ‘play_sound.makefile’.”. I was then at my wit’s end. Could you please tell me how to build this simplest FMOD example on Linux? Thanks a lot.

You need to specify some options for the makefile, these can be found by using:

make --help

For example:

make -f make/play_sound.makefile CPU=x86 CONFIG=Debug