Assistance with remote controlling events in FMOD

Hiya! I’m a new game dev using FMOD and I really want to know if I can affect parameters of other events from another, like a snapshot, but without using snapshots.
Specifically, I have 2 events: “Primary”, which is an event that contains the main droning sounds of an enemy, and “projectile fire”, which is exactly what it sounds like. I want to duck the “primary” sound when the “projectile fire” event plays, kind of like a snapshot, HOWEVER doing it via a snapshot would mean if I had multiple enemies it would duck for all of them, which I do not want.
Thus, I want to be able to preform the equivalent of a snapshot that only effects a local event.
I do not want to do this via parameter manipulation in the engine, as I wish to have them controlled via curves in the event timeline, thus giving me good control over the ducking, again, like a snapshot.
Thank you in advance!

If I’m understanding your question, you have an event that you wish to only duck one particular instance and leave other instances alone, correct?

If that is the case, I would suggest having another parameter (named “local” for example) with a range of 0-1. You can treat this parameter like a binary true/false variable. I’m not sure how you’re handling the ducking but you can then add a condition to the game code to say to only perform the ducking if this “local” parameter meets the required value.

Ah, so controlling it via the engine, that is what I wanted to avoid, but if I cant thats fine.