Auto coloring children when setting a color for a folder?

Is there a way to automatically color the children when you set the color of a folder?

I really like it in Wwise, where all children inherit the color of their parent folder, unless you have manually set a color for them. Would be cool to have something similar or better in FMOD :grin:

Currently, it’s possible to multi-select a folder and its children, then right-click on the multi-selection and select “Set Color” from the context menu. This sets the color of all items in the multi-selection. Does this work for your purposes?

Hi Joeseph,

The issues with multi-selecting, is that I then need to open every child folder to be able to select them (is there actually a way to open/collapse all folders of a parent?)

To me it would be much nicer, if the children were automatically colored after the parent. So in this examples I would just have to select green for my ambience folder, and all children should be colored green. Unless I manually set them to another color, like I did with the Ambisonics folder.
I would really love to see this across FMOD (also for asset, parameter, FXChain browser etc.)

Screenshot 2022-01-13 at 09.24.00

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Thanks for the clarification.

I’ll add your suggestion that we add an option to automatically color all children of a folder when coloring that folder to our feature/improvement tracker.

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