Yellow events.


I immigrated my fmod project from 10815 to 10901.
And I found some events have some YELLOW sub events.
These events work quite well though.
But I have a question, “What means yellow colored track?”

What means YELLOW?

The color of a sound module signifies… absolutely nothing. Yellow sound modules behave in exactly the same way as blue ones, and you can set the color of a sound module to several other colors, too.

It’s been possible to manually change the color of sound modules in FMOD Studio for some time: All you had to do was right-click on a sound module to open the context menu, then select the ‘Set Color’ menu item. We added this feature so that you could color-code your sound modules for easy reference. However, because so many users requested it, in 1.09.00 we changed the default colour of several types of sound module: Multi sound modules are now cyan by default; Scatterer sound modules, green; Programmer and plug-in sound modules, magenta; And, as you yourself have noticed, event sound modules now default to being yellow. Again, module color has no effect on behaviour; It’s just a way of making your events easier to understand “at a glance.”

When you migrated your project, FMOD Studio automatically updated the appearances of some of your sound modules to match the new defaults. Why only some? Because we deliberately leave alone sound modules which have had their colors manually changed - even if you just changed them from blue to blue. (Unfortunately, some versions of FMOD Studio 1.08 incorrectly register newly created sound modules as having had their colors manually set. We are investigating this issue.)

So, to answer your question: A yellow sound module behaves exactly the same way as a blue one - but the eye-catching color may make it stand out from the other sound modules nearby.

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Thanks, Joseph.

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