Bank Loaded Callback in HTML5


In the Manual you say the following

Bank loading can be controlled with the FMOD_STUDIO_LOAD_BANK_FLAGS. When loading banks with FMOD_STUDIO_LOAD_BANK_NORMAL, the function will not return until the bank has completed loading. When using the FMOD_STUDIO_LOAD_BANK_NONBLOCKING flag, the load bank function will return before the bank has completed loading.

Is that still true for JS? I assume it does not, because unless I am mistaken, loading URLs in JS is always asynchronous. In this case, how can I implement an async loading that returns a promise with the properly loaded bank at the end?


You can still use the non-blocking method it will just require the system.update call so that it can continue to load correctly. You can read more about it in our documentation here: FMOD Engine | Platform Details - HTML5.

Hope this helps