Banks size issue

Hello there,
On the project I’m currently working on, we are having an issue.

Some banks’ sizes containing music are completely unrelated to their actual content in terms of assets. Some are way heavier than they should (one has only one asset inside, weighing 20Mb and the bank weighs 96 Mb), whereas some are lighter. Also, there are numerous banks that are exactly the same size, despite containing completely different things (I included a screenshot).

The main problem is that we have a bank that is above the 100Mb limit we are authorized to push files on GitHub.

Any idea how to solve this issue ? I can provide files if needed.

One element of context : in this game we need to transition a lot from a track to another, sometimes located in another event. I’m using command instruments to trigger the needed event. Those transitions are triggered by global parameters specific to each musical event, so each musical event can trigger global parameters from other musical events as well.

Also, as you can see on the screenshot, two banks are not causing this problem : Donjon and HorsGameplay. The only difference they have with the other banks is that the event they contain does not contain global parameters from other events. But we tried removing all the “stranger” global parameters (and their references) from an event and assigning it to a new bank, and the problem is still the same.

Thanks in advance !
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The mostly likely culprit for this would be extreme interdependence between your events, which sounds like it could be the case given that you’ve said that you’re using command instruments.

By default, referenced events are included in the banks of the events that reference them - if the events in your banks all share enough references, it would be possible for the same events and sample data to be included in multiple banks. I would recommend disabling “Include referenced event in banks” in Edit → Preferences → Build and seeing whether that resolves the issue for you.

Wonderful, that fixed it :slight_smile: Thanks a lot !

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