I am trying to keep my file sizes low. If I exceed 100mb, I need to use another github version.
Currently my file is over 100mb.
I made a dummy project and imported all my audio files into that and auto-created new events for each audio file. (many more events than in my original project) and assigned them all to the master bank.
I then build banks in the dummy project.
I had a look at the dummy projects and it was about 6 mb.

Why the big size difference?
I have many more events in the new dummy project and yet it’s file is much smaller.

What can I do to keep the file small?


The size difference could be due to a different Compression Format. The simplest way to reduce the size of your built banks is to change their encoding formats, quality and sample rate settings in the platform Encoding Settings. Can you please compare your encoding settings in each of these projects and see if any of them is affecting the asset bank size significantly?

Will do. Thanks