Bug / Feature Request regarding non-latin keyboard usage

So, I have a bi-lingual keyboard using both English and Hebrew,
and I am writing an essay while working on my FMod project as my final assignment for Sound Engineering.
I noticed that while using the Hebrew Language setup I can’t seem to use hot keys shortcuts like saving or creating new channels.
I can use Ctrl + F4 to Build the project which was what gave it away.
I’m not sure how big of a deal it, but if it’s not a bug it could be a nice feature to have so people won’t accidently lose lots of progress because of this issue.

(By the way is there a portal where I could report potentional bugs rather using the forums?)
Thanks in advanced!


I tested Studio shortcuts with other languages and it seems only the Hebrew Language doesn’t work. Thank you for bringing this to our attention, I will pass it on to the development team to look into further.

The forums are the place to post anything to do with FMOD whether that be feature ideas or bugs, as you have done.

Thanks Connor!

I think a similar problem might occur with Arabic, since it’s using different letters and is also a system that writes from right to left like Hebrew rather Left to right.

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No worries!

Which version of the Arabic keyboard wasn’t working for you?


We’ve done some digging and it is possible to use the short cuts with the Hebrew keyboard you just have to hold shift at the same time e.g. Save: Ctrl+Shift+S. But this dose meant that any short cuts already containing the Shift key in them won’t work and will have to be remapped e.g. Save As.

If you’d like to read more about what is going on here is a link to QT’s docs.

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My guess was Shift works because it capitalizes the letter to english (i.e, letter with out shift is ד and with shift is capital S) and so it registers.

Funny thing is I tried using caps lock to see if it has the same effect and it doesn’t…
So I might be wrong.

Also I checked some Arabic keyboards and they seem to work fine so… false alarm on that one.

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That’s exactly what is happening, and why it will break any short cuts already including Shift.

Thanks for doing some investigating for us!