Keyboard Navigation

Would it be possible to add a keyboard shortcut to highlight the first thing in the browser?

I find myself very often pressing ctrl+F to search for an event, but there seems to be no way to exit the search bar without clicking out of it. This to me seems like a very simple action to add, and it would significantly reduce unnecessary mouse movement and clicking, thus leading to fewer sore wrists! Pressing enter, escape, tab, and anything else yields no results after a search, so anything would be great to help me navigate elsewhere. Of course, this would also be fantastic in other windows such as the mixer too!

I find myself trying to navigate my PC without the mouse whenever possible, so that I’m not unnecessarily putting strain on my wrist. Quite a few things are possible in FMOD Studio with shortcuts, but there is still a fair amount that would be useful. After seeing previous posts about keyboard control and accessibility, I can see that it would be a large job getting it more keyboard-only-compatible, but hopefully there are a few smaller things that could be done to make things easier and less frustrating.

You’ll be glad to know that we do want to support navigating FMOD Studio entirely using a keyboard, so a number of related improvements are already on our feature and improvement tracker. I’ll add you to the list of people who’ve asked for them.