Bug in getDSPBufferSize


I came across a crash in getDSPBufferSize I thought you may want to know about. I’m using the API version fmodstudioapi11008, and don’t see anything in the revisions for the latest 09 version about it.

When calling getDSPBufferSize, initialized with the “Default” ASIO driver option, and after previously having set the buffer size with setDSPBufferSize with a value -1, getDSPBufferSize crashes with a divide by zero exception.

Obviously I should not be setting the buffer size to -1, ever, but I thought you’d still want to know, since getDSPBufferSize should not be crashing regardless, but instead returning an error - or at the very least the fact that it throws exceptions should be mentioned in the documentation along with which these may be so that we know what to guard against…


Hi Ilias,

Thanks for the suggestion. We will be adding a validation check to System::setDSPBufferSize to address this in 1.10.10.