Bus Instance Limiting and Virtualization

Regarding the documentation:
8.2.2 Bus Instance Limiting

Is the section describing the various stealing behaviors referring to the stealing behavior of the Group Bus? If so, why is Virtualize missing from the dropdown (Group Macros) in FMOD Studio (1.10.12)? Or is it referring to the Event Instance stealing behavior?

Virtualization only works between multiple instances of the same event, because they are identical thus their distance volume attenuations can be easily compared. A mixer bus contains multiple events with different volumes and distance attenuations, which would make virtualization too complicated to crunch every frame.

I see. So the documentation that I linked to must be talking about the stealing behavior of Event Instances even though its in the Group Bus \ Group Macros section? Is it safe to say that the Group Bus stealing behavior has no affect on the Event Instances being mixed through that bus (aside from limiting what is actually being mixed)?

It looks like the documentation contained some errors. As mentioned virtualization isn’t possible at a bus level, but you can use Furthest.