Is my Event Virtualising when it shouldn't?

Hi folks!

I have an issue where events virtualise when their Stealing is not set to Virtualise. No Max Instances are set on mixer buses, just the Unreal Total channel Count (which does not seem to matter as the issue persists if i set it to 64 surprisingly).

This is an issue because they compete with events that need to Virtualise (which are set accordingly), clogging up the virtual/‘total’ count. This particular event does not need to Virtualise as the game code re-triggers it when listener re-enters its Max Distance which is fine.

Any ideas?

(FMOD 2.2.18, with Resonance Audio, UE 5.1.0)



Could you please collect a profiler capture while reproducing this issue in game, then package your profiler session including banks (ticking the “Banks” option when exporting), and upload it to your FMOD Profile? Please note you will have to register a project with us before you can upload files.

thanks Connor,

I’ve realised I might be misunderstanding the profiler as per Jeff’s explanation on an older post here - Reading the Profiler: Instances - #2 by joseph

So in my screenshot above, all of the Playing events are Active, so none are Virtual…

I now understand that virtualised events are a lighter shade of yellow like this:

The other 42 from top post are un-released - is that a problem, do they consume any resources?
If not I suppose they can be ignored and code doesn’t need to force release somehow, which might make them impossible to stop if their actor gets destroyed in game


The Virtual Voice System allows for hundreds or even thousands of voices to play at once, so a total of 13 - 42 is well within FMOD limits.

This will depend on how you are triggering the events. If you are using an FMODAudioComponent then it will take care of releasing the event and doing cleanup. If you are triggering the events yourself you can make sure to call FMOD::Studio::EventInstance::release().

Hope this helps!

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