Callbacks on an event using parameters but not the timeline.

Hi peeps,

This might be obvious but we’re having some trouble with the callbacks when attached to an event that have all the audio clips on a parameter, rather than the timeline.
FMOD_STUDIO_EVENT_CALLBACK_STOPPED is never called, only when a stop is called on the event itself, not when a clip INSIDE the event is finished playing…

Is there something glaringly obvious I’m missing?

We have tried playing the event as a one shot but doesn’t seem to send up a stopped flag (again, unless we stop it manually).

Any help would be appreciated.



We’re dealing with this on support, but general information about stopping is provided below.

Events stop naturally when all of the above is true:

  • The cursor has finished on the timeline (or the timeline is empty)
  • All sounds on parameters have stopped
  • If there are effects on the master track, their tails finish up before stopping

If you have a look at the “Single Explosion” event in the examples project, there are sounds on the parameters and the event stops when the sound finishes. You can best see the stopping behaviour by using the Sandbox and dragging the event into the sandbox window, and see that its icon changes when it finishes playing.

There is one complication, and that is related to more complex events. If an event has nested event modules on its parameters, and those nested events have modules on their nested parameters, then the nested events can keep the parent alive and playing. The stopping behaviour of complex events with multiple levels of nesting is something we are going to revisit in 1.9, but for 1.8 it is something to be aware of.