All Sound Stopping during Play

Hi I’ve sent an email to support, but heard back yet, so I thought I would see if the community had any ideas.

Its quite a tough one to describe, but basically, we have problems with a events stopping after around 10 minutes of play. I can’t say that time time is relevant, but that is when the problem tends to occur. The problem is most most apparent when constant looping sounds, such as music or ambience events stop playing, but I can’t say if the stops are exclusively on these events. It has been hard to recreate the issue, as you have to play for a substantial amount of time, with long looping events playing.

After the stop, sounds are not being triggered as expected, for example, not all footstep are being triggered and it also seems to effect parameters being passed to fmod from UE.

I’ve included an image of the UE4 log, which actually says “contact support”!

Any help with this would be amazing. Its currently a game breaker and release is scheduled for next week.

It looks like this is a bug to do with Timeline transitions and timeline callbacks.
The easiest work around at the moment would be to disable timeline callbacks on the FMODAudioComponent in the editor.

We have found and resolved the bug internally and the fix will be in the next release.