Can I change menu colors?

Is there a way to change menu colors?. Having black color font on dark gray background is really difficult to see. I have vision problems and this makes it almost impossible to read the menu. Can I edit some settings or registry key to make the menu with white color for example?

Hi Vladimir, thanks for getting in touch. We don’t currently have a way to change the menu colors. However, we’d be happy to change the colors in a patch version to make it easier to read. (We’ve been slowly updating parts of the UI to improve contrast, so this is a good suggestion.)


Hi Patrick, thanks for the response. Having a patch with easy to read text will be very nice. I’m making my first steps in sound design and composition and I don’t know why, but it seems there are a lot of tools, which rely on the good vision of the user. And this is a problem for me.


please do this patch quickly. I was looking forward of using FMOD for new project (had been working on older version back in 2011), literally after 10 minutes of usage my eyes hurt (also have vision problems, astigmatism). It really makes it nearly impossible to use. Pls, bright font for menus, as soon as you can!
Thank you.

Thanks for the feedback. The menu item colors will be updated in 1.10.09.