Can i use FMOD in Unreal Engine without using the integration?

I need to know if I can use FMOD without using the unreal engine integration, I want to use FMOD just to mix tracks and export the audio files to unreal engine without using the integration.


Yes, you can use FMOD API in conjunction with Unreal Engine without using integration. Using the FMOD API you can export to a wav file type. Set up can be found here: Core API Reference | System. You cannot however directly export wav files from FMOD Studio.

Hope this helps!

Could I get more information on how you hope to use FMOD Studio without integrating with Unreal?

Thanks for your answer, I was worried that I would have to spend more time learning about FMOD nodes in the unreal engine, but I changed my mind and I will use the FMOD integration with unreal.

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