Cannot enable reverb on master group


I am trying to enable reverb on master channel but I get FMOD_ERR_DSP_CONNECTION when calling masterGroup->setReverbProperties(…);

My code is:

// Set reverb properties for first instance:
FMOD_RESULT result = fmodSystem->setReverbProperties(0, &props);

// Get master channel group
FMOD::ChannelGroup* masterGroup = nullptr;
FMOD_RESULT result = fmodSystem->getMasterChannelGroup(&masterGroup);

// Apply reverb
result = masterGroup->setReverbProperties(0, 0.5f); // FMOD_ERR_DSP_CONNECTION

What’s wrong here?


You cannot set the reverb properties of the master channel group because it is the target for the global reverb. If we allowed this with the master channel group it would create a circular dependency

An Alternative way to set reverb is explained under White Papers | 3D Reverb

Hope this helps!