Can't change parameters of the snapshot

Hi, i have a snapshot that i made in mixer and i made a parameter to automate volume changing on 2 buses.
Now the snapshot event is activating when i need it to, but after that “set parameter” node doesn’t change anything and i get only overriding behaviour from that snapshot.

I am a noob in programming even if it’s through blueprints, i have changed the parameters on other fmod events not using snapshots, but this behaviour that i have in mixer and snapshot right now is what i like to have in final result.

Do i miss something, or i just can’t use parameters when i use snapshots?

EDIT: After changing snapshot parameter from local to global, and changing set parameter to set global parameter by name, i achieved desired effect. Although i am not sure i did the right way.

You are right in what you found out - parameters in the mixer can only be global parameters. You are able to add local parameters to a snapshot but you must set the parameter’s value on the snapshot itself.