Can't delete '#unimported' files/assets


I have dozens of these #unimported files in my project and whenever I delete them they reappear upon reopening the project after closing it.

Is there a way to permanently clean these up? Thank you!!

That’s very strange. Deleting assets in the assets browser should be deleting the files on your drive, preventing them from appearing again.

Is your assets directory in a location controlled by a source control solution not integrated with FMOD Studio, or managed by a cloud synchronization service such as DropBox? Such services might be preventing files from being deleted properly, or even automatically replacing them whenever they’re detected as missing.

Thanks for your response. Interesting to hear it is a strange issue, I’m not surprised after scouring the forums and finding nothing quite like it.

Actually, I’m not using cloud sync, but I am using git hub (with git LFS) to have version control over the project. Do you think it’s due to that perhaps? Is there a way to do something similar to unreal engines ‘clean up redirectories’ function, perhaps?


Almost certainly. Few other things could explain why deleted files are mysteriously reappearing, and Git LFS’s entire purpose is to regularly copy large media binaries such as audio files from your repository to your local drive.

FMOD Studio is not integrated with Git or Git LFS; as such, it has no way of telling Git that these files are supposed to be deleted, and Git has no way of telling your FMOD Studio project why it’s adding new copies of deleted files to the drive.

If you want to stop experiencing this issue, stop using this source control method to manage your FMOD Studio projects.

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I see, thanks for your comment. That makes sense to me now. Fortunately the issue is very minor and the method of source control is very convenient and works well. But I will look into alternative to see if there a cleaner way.