How can I delete unused asset?

I have many unused/duplicated audio asset in my project.
They didn’t deleted automatically when I remove them from audio bin.
How can I delete them automatically? of find unused one?

If you remove audio assets from the audio bin window, the corresponding files in your project’s audio asset directory are automatically deleted when you next save and close the project. You don’t have to delete them manually, we take care of it for you. (We keep them around just in case you decide to undo, and want the files to come back, but since you can’t undo any more after closing the project we’re able to delete the files safely then.)

Note that files are only included in your project’s built banks if they are included in events, so unused assets do not increase the size of your game’s banks under any circumstances.

Oh, and to find unused entries in the audio bin, you should type “#unused” (without quotation marks) into the audio bin search bar. (Versions older than 1.06.00 use “#!unused”, instead.)


Thank you! My problem solved!