Can't play .webm file with NX Multimedia lib and FMOD on NX

Hi guys,

I use the NX MoviePlayerSimple to play a webm movie ( video: VP8, audio: Vorbis) , it is working correctly, but after I linked FMOD lib and added some codes to create FMOD system, the audio decoder of Multimedia lib is not working correctly, I can hear many noise when playing the movie. The codes like below:


// Process main entry
extern “C” void nnMain()
FMOD::Studio::System* systemFmod = NULL;
FMOD_RESULT resFmod = (FMOD::Studio::System::create(&systemFmod));
/////// sample codes
////// sample codes

I committed a question about FMOD and Multimedia before , The link is below, I think this issue maybe the same as it,

Could you also check this issue and fix it in next release?


Hello Guys,

Is there any feedback for this issue?


This is expected due to the issue you linked to, the fix for that will also be the fix for this.

The problem is that which ever lib gets loaded first (fmod or multimedia) has their lookup table loaded first, which stops the other from being loaded because they are named the same.

So the other case was:

  • load multimedia.nso
  • then load fmod
  • fmod doesn’t work

Now it’s the other way around, so similar results are expected:

  • load fmod
  • then load multimedia.nso
  • multimedia doesn’t work

Hi Gameron,
Thanks for your help, I have a question about when you will publish a new Please which contain this fix.

Normally we release a new version at the beginning of each month, once it has passed QA.