Capturing Unity game’s FMOD output (5.1 / Busses)

Hi @Leah_FMOD ! I’m a teammate of @davidkamp1 and your comment was very helpful. I tested the WAVWriter and that indeed records a .wav file of the whole master and so on.

However, due to wanting to record various buses and other specs, I moved onto trying to accomplish what you mentioned: DSP Capture script example with the .wav header and writing to a .wav file. (for now using only the Master ChannelGroup until that works, will test a different bus later).

Now, I am a gameplay programmer and I’m completely out of my depth once it comes to structured data like this. The C++ to C# isn’t a problem, but the part that I don’t understand at all is how I should create the file out of the data from the DSP. As in, I don’t know what to connect where, how to feed the float array mDataBuffer from the DSP example to a file or how to create a header based on that data.

I have tried using this and both solutions provided here for reference, but every time the examples are about recording from microphone with the functions that come with an initialized system and it’s throwing me off. I don’t know how to implement this.

Could you please help me out a little? Thank you!

In case it’s relevant, our usecase is to save the FMOD sounds of a certain amount of gameplay into .wav files, so we can replay that segment later together synced with video that we record with a different tool, not to record all gameplay sounds since the Scene starts.