Can't record with Unity Recorder

I want to record game footage and audio with the Unity recorder, but now that I’m using FMOD, I can’t anymore. How can I record my game in Unity? The Unity Recorder did work well because it slowed the timesteps to preserve 60 fps, producing a great, smooth video.

I will add that recording with OBS (a) does not do this, producing inconsistent framerates that make the video far worse and (b) doesn’t have usable audio as we’re developing on MacOS and OBS can’t access system audio.

If this isn’t solvable, my team will have to dump FMOD. The ability to share footage of the game is critical to talking about it and promoting it.

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Unfortunately the Unity Recorder doesn’t hook into FMOD audio, and that’s not really something we have control over. You should be able to hook in system audio from Unity into OBS using Loopback, but if OBS isn’t suiting your needs in terms of video quality there’s not much else I can suggest.