ChannelGroup::setVolume stop other playing sound, bug!

I create 2 ChannelGound, groupBgm, groupButtonClick
I play bgm1.mp3 in groupBgm in loop( fmodsystem->playsound(…))
when I execute groupBgm->setVolume(0.5), and stop bgm1.mp3 to play bgm2.mp3
I click btn to playSound buttonClick.wav in groupButtonClick ,
about play 10 times buttonClick.wav, the bgm2.mp3 stop
It’s a bug…

It sounds like perhaps you are passing a low number of channels to System::init. Can you provide code to demonstrate your problem?

I change System::Init(32) to System::Init(1024),it does’t work, it will stop bgm sometime,but ,
I use soundSound::SetVolume() replace ChannelGroup::setVolume, it work;

I really now what’s the problem, I use cocos2dx-3.17 engine and add fmod in game。
I use the example: playsound to test the problem Code ,
passing a low number of channels to System::init(4) , it will stop other sound
when fmodsystem play many sound in the same time;
but my problem, after setvolume , i click button to play click sound(0.5s length) very very slow in 3-4 second interval

so i set and I also set System::Init(1024) and use soundGroup::SetVolume to replace channel::setvolume

it must execute fmodSystem->update(); after PlaySound()
I find the problem , :joy: