Combine 2D and 3D music

Hello, everybody.
I have some background music (non-diegetic) set up as a 2D event. Sometimes the music should appear as diegetic music at the same time in the level. E.g. from a radio, while the 2D music still plays. In another level I want a character to sing along with the 2D music.
The radio effect I managed with a pre-fader send to a mixer return and a post-fader spatializer. But with the singing I am not sure how to sync it up.
Do you guys have any suggestions?
Cheers, Michael =)

In order for the diegetic and non-diegetic music to sync up properly it is recommended to have them all in a single event.

You can place all the diegetic music onto an audio track and have a spatializer on that audio track. All non-diegetic can be placed onto audio track(s) that don’t have this spatializer. Now the diegetic music can be affected by the location of the game object this event is attached to, or affected via Studio::EventInstance::set3DAttributes() without affecting the non-diegetic music.

On the spatializer plugin, click on the disclosure triangle to expose the pan override. Automate the Mix property so that a parameter can drive the amount of spatialization that occurs (0% the audio is spatialized, 100% the audio is not spatialized).

You can then utilize automated sends to control any effects, such as EQ/distortion to sound like a radio.

The next issue I am going to assume is that you might need this diegetic music to be spatialized in two different locations (eg. radio and player singing along at the same time). In this case I would recommend using the transceiver effect to send one of the diegetic tracks to a different event that is placed in the game world.

If you need further explanations, please let me know.

Easier than expected :smiley: Works like a charm, thank you! :grinning: