Correct Unity syntax for adjusting parameters

Hi! I’m in Unity2018.3.3f1 and trying to get things working with FMOD 2.0.02. I’m familiar with basic C# syntax, but I’m having trouble parsing the documentation for how to expose parameters properly so you can assign and adjust values in attached scripts. Any help?

I’ve otherwise got things connected just fine. Events oneshot as expected. Thanks.

The C# wrapper contained in the FMOD Unity Integration is a fairly basic wrapper for the FMOD APIs, there are a number of helper classes and scripts but you have access to everything in the API.

In 2.0 the Parameter API got an overhaul, you can see the list of changes in the API docs:

They are intended to be get/set by ID, which should be cached by the game. Although you still have access to get/set them by string name.