Create Sound with SoundCloud URL using Oauth2 Authentication


Working on a desktop app with Windows 10 using CPP.

Feeding a SoundCloud URL to Fmod::CreateSound no longer works with SoundCloud new Oauth2 Authentication mechanism.

What Use to work: Calling SoundCloud API with client ID and API secret would return a link that Fmod::CreateSound would ingest without problems.

Since SoundCloud now requires to use Oauth2 Authentication mechanism. An HTTP header containing authentication access token is now required to query SoundCloud API. While the received link works fine in a Web Browser. Fmod::CreateSound fails and spit this error:

“The specified resource requires authentication or is forbidden.”

Why would the link works in a web browser but not in Fmod?
Would it be possible to make it work even if it could be a security issue?

Thank you,

I have reproduced this issue as you have described. It looks like the server is returning a 403 forbidden when trying to open the response URL, and this is the same trying to call with curl or Postman as well. My suspicion is that the server is requiring https, which is something we don’t currently support with net streaming.
I have bumped the request to implement SSL net streaming which should resolve this issue in the future.

Thank you for your support Jeff, what would be a realistic time frame for this feature to be implemented?

Unfortunately, we are unable to provide an ETA for SSL net streaming at this time.