custom codec sample code

Where is it in 1.03.03 or on your site?


Indeed I had 1.03.01 which did not have it.
However this custom codec is pretty raw. Maybe you’d want to add a note what open should return in case it can’t understand the format.

yep i added a seek(0) in with a comment, and another comment below that saying that if you need to check for a format and read metadata, do it here in the read callback using the read and seek function pointers.

You must be missing something - i just downloaded 1.03.03 for mac and windows and fmod_codec_raw.cpp is there. Are you still using an older installer?

Have a look in the examples, it is in /api/lowlevel/examples/plugins

All there is in there is fmod_distance_filter and fmod_gain both of which are dsp filters and not codecs.
Am I missing something?