"Deactivate" Mixer Returns


I 'm currently using five different instances of Convolution Reverb in FMOD, each of which lives on it’s own return bus (I’d have preferred using one single instance and changing impulse responses at runtime, but that’s not possible at all as I had to find out).

Although at this point things are not looking too bad performance-wise (as far as I can tell from the Profiler window), I’m looking for a possibility to properly deactivate all reverb buses that are not being used so that they won’t be processed or, trivially speaking, so that the little orange indicator bar in the mixer channel won’t light up (or is the orange thing misleading?)
Although I have the respective send knob as well as the channel volume on the respective reverb bus turned all the way down, the orange bar on that bus does light up as soon as there is audio on the channel that would send to it (if the send wasn’t all the way down).

I’ve tried “Bus.setMute” and also some things involving “Channel” and “ChannelGroup” from the LowLevel API (which I have to admit I don’t know terribly much about) - to no success.

Any ideas?

A convolution reverb effect that stops receiving input goes idle (and stops consuming resources) after a period of time based on the length of its impulse response file. Therefore, if you set the volume of the bus that contains a post-fader convolution reverb effect to -oo dB, that convolution reverb effect will stop consuming resources in short order.

The easiest way to set the volume of a bus is by using a snapshot.

Awesome, thank you!