Fmod Reverb being Cut off

Working in Fmod Studio 01.08.12 and noticing a weird issue where a reverb with a long decay time is fading away/‘cuting out’ before it naturally should?

I have trigger zones or boxes for the reverb placed in my Unity level but even standing inside one of these trigger zones with an overriding snapshot of a reverb with a long decay time is cutting away rather fast and unnaturally.

Any suggestions?

Much appreciated.

In the version of FMOD Studio that you’re using, buses only exist as long as they receive input. As such, as soon as your reverb return bus ceases to receive input from events, it ceases to exist, cutting off any reverb tails that are playing at that point.

In FMOD Studio version 1.09.05 and later, buses do not cease to exist until all effect tails playing through them have finished playing out.

If you are unable to upgrade to a more recent version of FMOD Studio, you can work around this issue by calling Studio::bus::lockChannelGroup on your reverb buses. This forces your reverb bus to continue existing even when it is receiving no inputs.

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