Determining Event in Studio Event Emitter via Script

Hey guys!

I have recently worked a lot on integrating FMOD into our Unity-Project. Thereby I ran into a couple of issues. One for example is, that I would like to change the playing event of a studioEventEmitter during runtime.

I figured out a way to manually set the Event in the studioEventEmitter, but after changing the Event, you could not hear anything playing. For our project it is important, that the soundsource is placed in a particular place, which is why we need to change the Emitter’s Event.

Well maybe there is another solution to it as well. Everything worked fine, using the Unity Sound Source, but since we have a new cooperation with another soundstudio now, we have to readjust many things.

I would be very glad for any recommendations to this topic and apprichiate it a lot!

With Kind Regards,

Why not simply manage an event instance yourself?

Have you looked at the basic scripting example

Studio Event Emitter can replace the Unity AudioSource for some cases (basically static emitter props), but unlike AudioSource it’s not required for audio playback.