Distance-controlled transitions between Snapshots

Hi folks,

I have a long corridor connecting two rooms with separate soundscapes.

Normally I’d use Automation on the Snapshot intensity, (which reads from Unreal’s Audio Volume > Fade Time it seems) or ADSR, but what I’m after is a smooth distance-controlled change between the two room’s snapshots, depending on how far down the connecting tunnel the player is. The tunnel wil also have a reverb Snapshot as well.

Any advice appreciated!

I presume you want your 2 soundcapes to be 2D (not attached in the 3D world). So you’ll have to manually configure this transition, probably by creating a parameter checking the position of the player in this corridor, and ajusting the soundscape accordingly.

Thanks for your response, it’s helped me think it through.

I’m basically looking for two 3D sounds to attenuate/crossfade together with distance, so that they are 100% wet but quiet when they meet.

Because I want the reverb to attenuate more gradually than the dry sound when player enters the hallway, I think a parameter on that sound reading the hallway length controlling the Event volume and reverb separately is the way to go.

I’m hoping this will give me a more responsive and realistic result than just using a snapshot with standard attenuation.

This will be fun, why I love FMOD!