How to switch smoothly from one snapshot to an other ?

Hi !

Here’s the situation:
There is 2 in-game zones, each one having a different snapshot that alter the same volume.
When the character goes from one zone to the other, the game stops the first snapshot and starts the second.

With no AHDSR on the intensities the volume change abruptly from one value to the other as intended.
With AHDSR the volume tends toward the baseline during the transition. As our baseline volume is higher than both volumes, it causes the volume to increases before droping to the intended volume, wich isn’t what we want.

From my understanding of AHDSR and snapshot intensity this seems the normal behaviour.

So my question is: How would you handle this to have a smooth transition?

Hi Jeremy,

This is normal behaviour and the short answer is to just fiddle with the attack and release properties of both snapshots to approximate an equal power curve to make the transitions smooth.

In my tests I have found having a fast attack and slow release does help a lot with smoothly transitioning.



Thanks, that was one of the solution I toyed with. I hoped for a more robust solution but we’ll do with it.