Do you use a control surface, if so tell us about it!

So. 3 years later, and still no midi learn nor added devices? MIDI learn especially would improve my workflow incredibly much!

Hi Anders, thanks for the feedback. Please know that we haven’t forgotten about these requests – we’ve been very busy working on a lots of other cool features! This is still on our to-do list.

Yes, please please please support EUCON! Using Mackie Control emulation is OK but not great.

Hey I’m using my android tablet - the new android has plug and play midi!!!
Then I’m using a cheap app called touch DAW, essentially a mackie clone on your tablet…

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Great idea Hans!

Hi all, I’ve just start using FMOD with my game technology students. This is not a complaint, hopefully will be some help to the dev team. I have tried a Korg Kontrol Nano, which when run in mackie mode is recognised in FMOD. The faders dont work, but the pots do – but not how you would expect them to. With the dials at 12o’clock, if I turn them clockwise it slowly attenuates the channel. If I then turn it back counter clockwise it amplifys the channel dangerously quick. I have seen the Akai Midimix which looks ideal for what I need for my students (I’m looking to buy 10 units and need to keep costs to a minimum) wondered if anyone has had any luck with it? Or can recomend a similar device?

I’m using Unity 4.6.6f2 and FMOD 1.06.03, due to the nature of my instutuion I am stuck with these versions, if im lucky i may be able to get these update over the summer (uk)

Would be great to finaly see Eucon support, its by far the most comprehensive and powerful protocol and could massively speed up our workflow.