Getting MC Control Surfaces to work... at all?

Hey there,

I am using an X-Touch to work with my DAW and now I wanted to connect it to FMOD by using its Mackie Control Protocol. Selecting the X-Touch Midi IO does indeed work, but besides printing “FMOD Studio” on the screens of my device, nothing happens. No faders, no labels, no starting or stopping, no seeking - nothing at all. Am I doing anything wrong or is this feature simply broken?

I thought i could just… well - select my device and that’s it! Or am I using this feature incorrectly?
Would love to use my controller with FMOD!

Best regards

I don’t currently have access to an X-touch, but when I test with the other Mackie Control Protocol devices I have access to, I experience no problems: Bringing an event editor window or mixer window into focus causes the device to display the names of the tracks or buses in that event or mixer window, to control those tracks or buses, and to respond to changes in those bus’ or tracks’ properties as expected.

Exactly what settings have you selected in the “Control Surfaces” tab of the preferences window?

I’m have exactly the same issue. I’m using a mackie control universal, Fmod 2.01.07, windows…

The Mackie displays FMOD studio on screen but is otherwise non functional.

Exactly what settings have you selected in the “Control Surfaces” tab of the preferences window?

Hey - thanks for the quick response!

I selected Mackie Control as the device type. My Mackie surface is one of the older ones that doesn’t have the USB port - I use a Roland UM-ONE midi to USB interface to connect it and the input and output ports are set to that.

To connect I first turn on the mackie and then launch Fmod. As mentioned “FMOD Studio” appears on the mackie screen so I assume that a connection between Fmod and the Mackie was made

That’s as far as I get though. I’ve tried going to all sorts of different windows and the mackie never changes. I’m honestly just playing around trying to make this work. Perhaps I am missing something. I was sort of expecting some sort of binding map where I could associate the Mackie parameters to the Fmod Studio properties…

I’m using an X-Touch with OSX Big Sur and can confirm that it does work w/ FMOD Studio over MCU Protocol.

However the connectivity is extremely finicky. I’ll often boot up FMOD Studio, and the X-Touch won’t initially connect. Only after I boot Reaper, which seems to kick the device into an actually functioning state, will FMOD then properly sync with the device.

I am testing FMOD on a Mac and also see this problem. I can reproduce it 100% using these steps:

  1. Launch FMOD and set up the mackie control surface. Quit FMOD.
  2. Launch FMOD and select New project.
  3. Create a new 3D Action event.
  4. Select the event. Deselect the event.
  5. Note that the first fader on the control surface moves when selecting and deselecting the event.
  6. Save the project and Quit FMOD
  7. Launch FMOD and select the previously saved project.
  8. Note that the control surface no longer responds.
  9. In my experience, opening a previously saved project never correctly operates with the Mackie surface…

Thanks for reporting this issue. It looks like there’s a bug in how we handle preserving the Mackie connection when destroying the last existing FMOD Studio window, as occurs when loading a project when no other project is currently open. I’ve added this issue to our bug tracker.

You should be able to work around this issue by making a change to the black project that’s presented when FMOD Studio first starts, before you load your saved project. Once your saved project is loaded, you can safely close the blank project without saving the change.