Do you use a control surface, if so tell us about it!

We’re interested to know what surfaces you use, and what your experience is with using a control surface with the Studio preview. We have a comprehensive mapping supported and more functionality will be included on this side. We are working closely with companies like Solid State Logic to bring the best DAW like experience to you, and we will hopefully soon be seeing official FMOD Studio profiles shipped with the hardware in future by the manufacturers!

I’ve tried this out with our MCU. The mapping and connection seems very solid. It was pretty intuitive to start to play around and see what the functionality of the assigned shuttle wheel etc is. The auto focus to different windows is great too, from mixer to editor and back etc, very snappy.

I’d be keen on setting up my own keyboard shortcuts to change focus, either on the control surface or on the MCU itself (f1, f2 etc)

I’ve not tried any control surfaces in mackie emulation mode, i’m keen to try the avid artist mix etc.

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I’ve been using the original MCU with Studio for a few days now. All functionality seems to work like a charm.

I’m discovering the workflow, and it should be fairly intuitive to anybody already used to working with a digital mixer.

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I’m using Euphonix / Avid Artist Control and Artist Mix under logic via Eucon Protocol.

Are you sayin’ that you’ll make my dreams come true? :smiley:


We’ve been using the MCUs with Studio for a few weeks now and have been quite impressed. The integration is as good or better than most DAWs. It has fast become a staple of ou workflow and I’m excited to be able to design and mix our next project with it.

There are a few features missing, in my opinion, like using the bank controls to toggle through parameters. The flip function also could use a full flip, rather than a half flip function, when controlling parameters with the faders. Currently, when you flip parameters to the faders, the parameters, rather than layer volumes, are still controllable via the encoders. This feels a bit odd.

I can’t stress enough how big of a feature this is for a lot of sound designers, so well done in answering the call for MIDI controller integration.

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Hey guys, thanks for all the feedback so far. Our control surface integration shall continue to improve across future releases for even greater control of Studio.

We have not scheduled dedicated EUCON support as of yet – this may change based on demand. Keep in mind that the Artist Series does include Mackie protocol emulation.

Regarding using bank controls to toggle through parameters, you can currently switch parameters by holding down the Parameter mode button (i.e. the “INSTRUMENT” button on an MCU) then pressing the dial for the parameter you want to view. If you have more parameters than can fit in view on the LCD, you can use the left and right buttons to scroll through them.
As for full flip, I agree that this seems like a more useful behaviour than the current “half flip” functionality. We will modify this in an upcoming release.

Hi Patrick,

I’d LOVE to see dedicated EUCON support as the event tracking and response is so much smoother with less latency- 8)

I use the Artist Series Euphonix MCMix & Transport…

Undercurrent Labs

I’m using a BCF2000 in Mackie Mode (I know, woe is me) and it’s working really nicely. However, there is one thing that annoys me, which is likely in part to the fact I have a cheap control surface, and that is motorised fader noise. When I’m manipulating parameters I’m listening for very fine transitions, especially on quieter sounds, but this is being slightly masked by noise of my faders following the envelope curves. This is a minor problem elsewhere (i.e. in Reaper), but I usually set my automation mode such that the faders aren’t tracking in real-time.

Is there a method of accessing parameter controls via control surfaces?

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@curvespace, it is possible to access the parameter values via a Mackie. On an MCU, this would be reached via the Instrument button in the VPot Assign section (see here … ro-Top.jpg). Pressing this button causes parameters to be assigned to the dials (you can use the Flip button to control these via the faders). As we don’t have a BCF2000 to test with, I’m not sure what this would correspond to in Mackie Mode. Regarding automations causing faders to move – once we get a chance to add automation modes we should be able to address this.

@Q-BIkMuz, @dmcsound, thanks for all the feedback so far. We won’t be able to extend control surface support for the next couple of months as we are hard at work expanding Studio in other areas. We’ll be sure to keep your suggestions in mind once work recommences on control surface integration.


Thanks for the help. I’ve tried all of the v-pot assigns on the BCF, as well as various combinations, but have had no luck in finding it. This can be an issue with the BCF due to the lack of buttons compared to the Mackie.

MCU (old version) with the 2.3 (40610) release for Windows:

I recently created a few events, and noticed some rather “unruly” fader behavior while working in the Event Editor:

When selecting between events in the Event Editor view, my faders seem to want to go down to the lowest fader position before moving to the value of the newly selected event. Often, the fader will move to and stay at the lowest position and never move to where it should be though the display shows the correct value.

If I right click in the event list (such as to create a new event) and click off of the menu, it looks like the mixer thinks it created a new event anyway… the display flashes and my faders jump and sometimes stick.

In the Mixer window, switching between mixer views, and even flipped 3-EQ settings on the other hand, work fine and as expected.

Also, it would be a nice addition to have the mixer zero itself out when exiting Fmod :smiley:


Been trying to get it to connect as a Mackie Controller but no luck. Would love Eucon and Custom mapping ability.


Sorry if this has been asked before, but do “future improvements” include the support for general MIDI devices? If I understand correctly, Studio supports Mackie only. If so, do you have any plans to allow for multiple devices?


Thanks for the heads up, this should be fixed in the latest Studio build (1.00.02).

Yes, we’ve looked into doing a customized “MIDI Learn” style mapping system in the past, as well as support for multiple devices, so this is definitely on the roadmap. While I’m not yet able to give you a timeframe for when this will be ready, your suggestions are very much appreciated!

Thanks for the reply. I’m glad to learn this. While MIDI learn is VERY handy vs programming manually, I should have clarified- my question was simply whether or not Studio would even recognize my regular MIDI device. Currently it will not even show my controller in the list of devices to chose from.

I’m not sure I have any MIDI-related suggestions at the moment, but I’ll be sure to leave a message if I come up with any. I think it would be fantastic though- to support general MIDI devices, as this would provide great flexibility for many sound designers out there. Unless I am the only one here who doesn’t have a Mackie-compatible controller? :smiley:

Edit: Actually as far as suggestions… polyphonic playback of the selected event by sending MIDI notes would be incredibly nifty for those of us who use MIDI keyboards.

Oh wow, yea almost as if pressing “middle C” for example would trigger an event. Essentially making Studio act like a sampler.

Yep, I see what you’re saying. Your device’s MIDI ports would already be detected by Studio, just that we only provide a Mackie Control default mapping. What I was saying is that in addition to adding a General MIDI device type, we’d need a way for you to actually setup the mappings themselves. That feature would allow you to map a physical control to a property in Studio (i.e. “this dial on my controller tweaks the volume of Audio Track 2”).

Great idea – it might be a good fit with some of our upcoming features. We’ll definitely keep this in mind!

In that case- we have a problem! My controller is not even visible in the list of devices.

Hey glad that you like the suggestion!

That sounds a bit odd – if you selected “Mackie Control” in the first combo box of the Control Surfaces preferences panel, I’d expect that your device’s MIDI ports would be listed in the “Input Port” and “Output Port” combo boxes. Regardless, we’ll need to implement the “General MIDI” option before any of this really applies :wink:

It is unfortunately not listed there. My yamaha keyboard is listed, as well as my Akai trigger pads, but not my control surface… I even tried unplugging all other devices. All my devices work in other software. As you said- it’s of no importance right now, as I can’t map the controls anyway… But I figured it may eventually be important.