Dragging an audio file into convolution reverb does not show the absolute path

I would like to ask why I import audio sample in convolution reverberation, the path of audio sample is not an absolute path, and the imported audio sample will appear in my Assets.

If you’re using FMOD Studio then any sample needs to be imported into the project. You are able to specify audio files for convolution reverbs during runtime by setting the convolution reverbs FMOD_DSP_CONVOLUTION_REVERB_PARAM_IR.


Thank you.But what I want to know is that after I import the audio sample, it doesn’t show the absolute path and it appears in my asset.Before I did the same thing in version 1.10.01 of fmod, it would show up in the path of my hard drive. Now it only shows up in the path of my asset.

All assets are shown with relative paths to the project root. From version 2.00 there was a change so that assets used on convolution reverbs are also imported into the project to prevent missing files when transferring the project between machines/directories.