Duplicating event banks with shared guids

This is probably a newbie question, which makes sense, since I am one for FMOD.
We want to create male and female non-vocalizations (grunts, etc.) where the player will select male or female, and are looking for the easiest way to implement that in game. Our ideal method would be to just create one bank of the male non-vocalizations, duplicate that bank, and then switch what wav files are being backed by those events in a programmatic way (naming convention, etc.). We would want to do this in such a way that the male and female versions of an event have the same guid, the game loads the bank appropriate to the gender selection, and so the correct event is loaded based on that.

Does FMOD Studio have a way to support this workflow? From what I understand, this used to be relatively trivial to do with search and replace in the xml files, but now everything is guids everywhere and so switching the file names seems non-trivial.

Unfortunately, there is not currently any easy way to do what you describe in FMOD Studio.

Currently, the easiest workaround is to use programmer sounds and audio tables: Create an audio table under one or more of your banks, and set it to contain the audio files used by your grunts. Then, use programmer sound modules to trigger grunts, and specify which particular grunt gets called in your game’s code. You can read more about programmer sound modules by searching for “PROGRAMMER_SOUND” in our API documentation, or in the “programmer sound modules” section of the FMOD Studio manual.

We do have features planned that will make it easy to swap in and out sound files without having to use programmer sound modules, but we have not yet scheduled them for release.

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