Effected Channels for SideChain

Hey Friends,

I do not know if this is still an issue in newer versions, so maybe this is already fixed or updated. If so, consider this to be outdated please :slight_smile: I am using Fmod 2.00.07.

When using a sidechain on a Bus I can either route that into a Compressor or into the Volume Knob Modulation.
For Compressor i can deselect “Link” to unlink all affected channels and only duck the channels on which audio is played. With this I can avoid e.g. ducking the rear speakers even so i only play voice on the center speaker.
I can not unlink the channels for the Volume Knob Modulation! Actually I would expect this to be the default behaviour…

Thanks so much :slight_smile:

Thanks for the suggestion. I’ve added it to our feature/improvement tracker.

The reason why it’s not possible currently is that most properties have only a single value for a modulator to affect. Modulating track or bus volume is a special case that will require additional code for us to support.